Wide Angle Carrousel

This photo of King Arthur Carrousel is a shot I’ve always wanted to achieve but never could given the equipment I had — so when I finally got my hands on a wide-angle lens, this was the first location I went to.

With my wide-angle lens (11mm on crop sensor), I was able to stand right at the edge of the planter, and still get the entire carrousel in frame, complete with lampposts, sky, and the planter foliage. To contrast, this is the carrousel shot months earlier with a longer focal length (18mm), standing about 20 feet farther back from the planter. You can see the planter which looks much smaller, and the carrousel takes up the entire frame with no room left on the sides.

Both have their merits based on artistic vision. but I really love the effect of the wide shot standing closer to the subject. 🎠