The Red Rose Taverne

In celebration of the upcoming premiere of the live-action reboot of Beauty and the Beast, Disneyland is helping the story come to life for guests with limited-time experiences in Fantasyland — including a transformation of the Village Haus restaurant into a poor provincial locale called the Red Rose Taverne.

It didn’t take much to transform this classic Disneyland location to fit the new theme. The Pinocchio-themed German haus transitioned easily into a French small-town taverne: Some new murals, updated light fixtures, furnishings, and a little red rose change-up on the stained glass windows. Part of the taverne is themed more like Gaston’s Tavern at Walt Disney World, with beer steins, light fixtures made of deer antlers, and a large painting of Gaston himself.


The Red Rose Taverne is a must-see stop for any Beauty and the Beast fan, or really any Disney parks fan that loves small changes. Although the changes are subtle, they work perfectly. The ambiance is whimsical and charming, and what do you know, the food is pretty good too! For more about the cuisine check out some of the food items over at Disney Photoblography!