Fireworks From Fantasyland

Similar to “Disneyland Forever”, “Remember… Dreams Come True” is an immersive fireworks spectacular that features not only your traditional off-side bursting fireworks, but also rockets and flares that are launched from locations within the park and around the castle. Because of this, for safety reasons, Fantasyland is temporarily closed, its attractions don’t run, and most of the area is roped off.

Viewing “Remember” from the back end of Fantasyland is an interesting experience. If you face the castle, the off-site firework bursts are behind you, obscured partially by trees (and very loud since you are closer to them than on Main Street), but the castle pyrotechnics and perimeter flares are in front of you. All of these fireworks line up perfectly in one direction when viewing from Main Street, but at this location there’s a lot of head turning and spinning on your heels. It’s definitely not as epic as watching from the hub or in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, but it does offer some unique photo opportunities.

I haven’t photographed the fireworks from this location since “Disneyland Forever”, and never for this particular show. I had been meaning to, and finally got the chance!

  • Your fireworks shots really capture the magic of the shows. Even without the projections this is a great view, so many beautiful details to look at and the fireworks make Fantasyland come to life.

    I see you gave Squarespace the boot. The site’s looking good!

    • Yay! Thanks for coming to leave a comment! And such a nice one at that. I’m glad you liked it. And yeah, Squarespace was so easy to set up and post on but I didn’t want to pay monthly (per year is almost $200!) and I needed more options 🙂 I was hoping you’d like it. Thank you for noticing. xoxo

  • Sean

    Great shots and location Brandon, definitely enjoyed this post 😀