Touring the Temple

Indiana Jones Adventure features, in my opinion, the most intricate and well-themed queue for an attraction in all of Disneyland Park. Even without the ride, it is an attraction all its own. The entire queue is formatted as an archaeological excavation expedition camp, where Dr. Jones and crew explore the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, home to the ancient lost god Mara, in the Lost Delta of India.

As soon as you approach the the attraction you are met with a barely-visible temple obscured by bamboo and jungle foliage, archaeological expedition vehicles and equipment, weathered ruins of stone cobra snake carvings, all set to the sound of big band music courtesy of Glenn Miller and other artists of the 1930’s. The music is almost overpowered by the sounds of an electricity generator humming softly then loudly, as all the camp lights outside and throughout the temple dim and brighten in sync.

The temple interior is like a real-life Indiana Jones movie. Dangers and booby traps around every corner, and plenty of signs warning of them. Skull-stabbing spiked-ceilings are held up by bamboo poles, and wooden steaks do their best to jam stone blocks from crushing anyone who accidentally takes a wrong step.

As you walk through the temple, you are entertained by sights of ancient relics, mysterious petroglyphs inscribed on the walls which you can attempt to decipher (easier if you have a decoder), and even a small makeshift office space which would likely be used by Dr. Jones to study, journal, and communicate with others.

Long corridors that seem to lead deeper and deeper underground only intensify the anticipation of reaching the vehicles that will transport explorers into the Chamber of Destiny.

This is just a fraction of the sights along the queue, and that’s before you even board the ride — but that’s an article for another day.

  • Oh damn how did I miss this post, it’s awesome. Some of my clearest memories from Disneyland as a kid was waiting hours in this line, but the details were so amazing I didn’t mind. Wish I’d been smart enough to hang onto my decoders, haha. Love seeing this queue featured!