The Matterhorn Mallard

The waterfowl of Disneyland are an attraction all their own. They’re adorable, friendly, brave, and always hungry. They’re the unofficial custodial crew: picking up your chip crumbs, your spilled popcorn, and the occasional tragedy of a dropped churro. Whether it’s the ducks or the geese, most park guests are delighted to see these birds cross their path, water-land, and even photobomb family portraits. And don’t get me started on the little ducklings in the springtime… I’m obsessed.

Once in a while you’ll be met with a photogenic fowl who remains unbothered by your presence, and rather seems to enjoy the attention. You may remember the Big Thunder Goose, but last Friday I made friends with the affectionately named (by me), “Matterhorn Mallard”: A photogenic male Mallard that loved the attention, and served pose after pose for my lens. You better work, duck!

He’s giving Donald a run for his money. 🦆

  • Hawk Mendenhall

    Love that last short. Staring straight at you! Hahaha