Reclusive Black Widow Emerges

Avengers' Black Widow at Disney California Adventure

Another Summer of Heroes experience made its soft-opening debut yesterday (May 24): “Heroic Encounter: Black Widow”. Explained by the Disneyland website:

Make way when a heavily armored Avengers vehicle thunders down Hollywood Boulevard, carrying Black Widow to the Hollywood Backlot.

Black Widow struts her stuff from the Tivan Collection to Hollywood Backlot where she poses for photos with fans, in front of the Avengers armored Jeep-styled transport.

I was very excited to photograph Ms. Widow during her walk, and I admittedly felt like an excited child when she noticed me. I was the only one standing on that side of the boulevard as she saw me (and my camera), looked straight at me, and saluted! Legit fanboyed so hard, you guys.


Avengers' Black Widow at Disney California Adventure