World of Spotlights

One of my favorite things to shoot is the “World of Color” after show.

Sunset Over Rivers of America

Taken from the top deck of the Mark Twain Riverboat.

Ornament Valley Sunset

Another gorgeous afternoon in Ornament Valley.

Mickey and the Magical Map

Starring Mickey Mouse as the powerful sorcerer Yen Sid’s apprentice.

Touring the Temple

Indiana Jones Adventure features, in my opinion, the most intricate and well-themed queue for an attraction in all of Disneyland Park.

Fireworks From Fantasyland

Viewing and photographing “Remember… Dreams Come True” from Fantasyland is a unique experience.

Disneyland Fireworks Tiki Room Castle Walt Disney Mickey

Tiki Partners

The Partners statue, during “Remember… Dreams Come True“. This is the Enchanted Tiki Room segment of the show, with colorful projections of chanting wooden masks and tiki statues.

Carthay Circle Pink Trees

Partly Cloudy Carthay

This photo was taken in early March, when some of the trees in the Carthay Circle hub were almost reaching full bloom, while other trees in the area were just finishing dropping their leaves and sprouting blossoms.

Paradise Pier Sunset

Almost Sunset at the Pier

Not quite sunset, but Paradise Pier still looks gorgeous with a low sun, some long shadows, and those amazing clouds.

Disneyland Fireworks Haunted Mansion

Fireworks Friday: Haunted Portrait Gallery

The Haunted Mansion segment of “Remember… Dreams Come True” is a truly a fan favorite, especially the Portrait Hall portion that it begins with.

Characters in Bloom

The beautiful Tabeubia trees at the Disneyland resort are spectacular to see, but they only bloom for a few weeks, after which point they start dropping their blossoms rapidly, blanketing the ground in pink.

Disneyland Castle Walt Disney Pink Blossoms

Walt Wednesday at the Hub

Surrounded by the pink Tabeubia trees, Walt and Mickey look out at the last guests leaving the park for the day.